Sunday sep 19th 2021

An interesting but quiet day from a fish point of view. The weather was very pleasant when we set off, a slight wind and clear visibility.

We started off by looking for some mackerel, and groups of diving gulls soon gave the game away. The whitebait were boiling on the surface, being forced up by the mackerel below. Every time we moved towards a boil, it disappeared and reappeared some 50 metres away! Nevertheless, we managed to get some fresh mackerel for bait, so headed off to a bank area some 6 miles from the harbour entrance and anchored up as the tide slackened. Fishing was slow; a few small eyed rays, one gurnard, one strap conger. The only fish of merit was a reasonable blonde ray, around 10lbs to a guest.
Once the tine turned and picked up, Phil moved to an area to the east of the Sadler, but barely a bite was had in over an hour, a lot of weed in the tidal flow didn't help us.
Phil then decided to move inshore off the piers, again, fishing was slow, with a few small plaice and a couple of bream coming on board.
Overall, a pleasant day, a bit of rain mid afternoon, but the fishing was not at its best. One aspect of interest, not a dogfish was to be seen!
Next month we have a neap tide, so, weather permitting, we plan to head for the outer banks and deeper water, where we had considerable success this time last year

Sunday July 25th 2021

Weather was fairly calm with rain at times, but not too much to spoil the day.
Expectations were not too high, as most boats had struggled to find the fish all last week.
We started off with a couple of drifts for bass at the harbour entrance; Dave Potts had most success with a luminous lure. We then headed east and tried again for bass on the drift; Dave again had 1 and a guest had a couple but it was slow going. As slack water approached, Phil set the anchor, hoping for a ray or two. Phil Thomas had a nice undulate of 11lb and Dave again scored with a small eyed ray. A couple of dogfish too but not much was showing. Perhaps the highlight was that Dave D caught several mackerel, more than Phil and other boats had seen during the whole of the previous week. Where have they all gone? Even with fresh bait we couldn't get many fish showing much interest. Soon the tide was too strong so Phil took us in for a brief bit of plaice fishing inshore off Southborne. Again, a few small fish came on board but sport was slow once again. We then retired gracefully back to the quayside.
All in all, something of a disappointing day, though Phil tried his hardest to find fish for us. Nevertheless, we all enjoyed the day, including a couple of guests, one of them, Moses, had never fished before, but he caught plaice which pleased him no end. I suspect we may be seeing more of him in the future.
Next trip August 22nd, we're all looking forward to that.


Sunday 13th June 

The weather was remarkable, the sea with barely a ripple.
Our plans changed; Dancing Ledge was not performing at all so Phil took us east to a rocky mark, looking for the bream. Within a few seconds of hitting the bottom, rods were bending and a succession of bream to around 2lb quickly came to the boat. We were clearly in the right place; other boats who subsequently joined us on the mark had far less success than we did.
As the tide began to slacken, we headed off further east and had a brief drift to see if we could find any flatfish, but they weren't playing.
On then to another mark where we anchored to fish slack water and the start of the ebb tide. Plenty of dogfish for all, one small spotted ray and a rare grey gurnard to Jay came aboard but the bigger rays or tope didn't show.
Heading back home we had a brief drift over some banks for bass but nothing showed interest in our lures.
All in all, a very enjoyable day, and everyone caught. Phil tried a number of options for us and whilst we didn't find the bigger fish a very enjoyable day was had by all.Phil Thomas came 1st, Danny Williamson was 2nd and Jay Hemming was 3rd.

We had our first evening boat trip monday 26th april.first big thanks to andy adams for having his side door to his boat has made my life a lot easier to fill the trip with our less mobile members.The evening was pleasant but with bit of a nip in the air.Fishing was very slow despite a high tide.Dave reeve came out on top with the 10 points [bless him].fish caught were dogfish, plaice,conger,and pouting.

Charter boat 18/04/2021 with Mistress Linda 1st trip after lock down.
We were all greeted by a lively sunny, calm day, a bit chilly first thing, but all very  pleased to be afloat again.

We all met up with our newest member, Cliff Brand at the Customs House steps.
We got away sharpish at 08.00, to catch the tide at a bank about 6 miles from the Haven. Fishing was a bit slow, a few strap congers and dogfish came aboard.
Phil then headed inshore as the tide picked up and we drifted for plaice about a mile off Bournemouth pier. Again, fishing was slow, possibly as the water temperature is apparently a degree or so cooler than expected for the time of year, probably explains why the bream have yet to show. Not so many plaice landed as Phil had on board on Saturday, so again we moved , out this time to the Sadler Bank. 4 rays came here, 3 to Jay Hemming, who also caught the first mackerel of the season, on a worm fished on the bottom! A few pin whiting and dogfish made up the catch.
One last move to the back of Hook Sands for one last try for plaice, just 1 or 2 this time.
Back into the harbour and dry land once again.
Overall, a quiet but very enjoyable day. Phil tried very hard to find fish for us, we were far more successful than other boats out, so thanks to Phil for all his efforts, it certainly paid off.
Jay Hemming was 1st, Dave Doig 2nd and Dave Potts 3rd.
A very enjoyable day with variety of fishing and plenty of good humoured banter to boot. All are looking forward to our next trip on the 16th May, venue likely to be Dancing Ledge, assuming the bream have started to show.


Charter boat today.  11/10/2020


Table top to start with, tide falling away, fairly slow with several but bootlace conger, 1 ray, a few small bream and pout.

Phil then went inshore to the piers around midday, 20 or so small plaice, only 1 worth keeping, small bream and other bits and pieces.

1st Jay Hemming

2nd Phil Thomas

3rd Dave Potts

4th Dave Doig

5th Chris McKenzie.