2017 Fixtures        
Jan 3rd Shore Holes Bay 7-30pm 11-00pm
  8th Private Boat    
  8th Charter boat    
  14th Pier Swanage 6pm 11pm
  15th Private Boat    
  29th Private Boat    
  31st Shore Baiter 7pm 11pm
Feb 5th Charter boat    
  8th Shore Evening hill 6-30pm 10-30pm
  12th Private Boat    
  17th Pier Swanage 6-30pm 11pm
  19th Private Boat    
  28th Shore Shore road 6-30pm 10-30pm
Mar 14th Shore Branksome 6-30pm 10-30pm
  19th Charter boat    
  29th Shore Shore road 6-30pm 10-30pm
April 9th Private Boat    
  12th Shore Shore road 6-30pm 10-30pm
  23rd Charter boat    
  24rd Evening Boat    
  26th Pier Swanage 6-30pm 10-30pm
May 30th Private Boat    
  8th Evening Boat    
  12th Shore Steamer point 7pm 11pm
  14th Private Boat    
  14th Charter boat    
  20th Pier Swanage 6pm 11pm
  22nd Evening Boat    
  26th Shore Solent meads 7pm 11pm
Jun 28th Private Boat    
  7th Pier Swanage 6-30pm 10-30pm
  11th Private Boat    
  12th Evening Boat    
  18th Charter boat    
  21st Shore Solent meads 7pm 11pm
  25th Private Boat    
  26th Evening Boat    
July 4th Private Boat    
  9th Private Boat    
  10th Evening Boat    
  12th Pier Swanage 7pm 11pm
  23rd Private Boat    
  24th Evening Boat    
  30th Charter boat    
Aug 5th Shore Swanage east 7pm 11pm
  6th Private Boat    
  7th Evening Boat    
  13th Private Boat    
  18th Pier Swanage 7pm 11pm
  21st Evening Boat    
  26th Pier Swanage 7pm 11pm
  27th Charter boat    
  27th Private Boat    
Sep 4th Evening Boat    
  6th Shore Steamer point 7pm 11pm
  10th Private Boat    
  15th Pier Swanage 6-30pm 11pm
  17th Charter boat    
  20th Shore Southbourne zig zag 7pm 11pm
  24th Private Boat    
Oct 4th Pier Swanage 7pm 11pm
  7th Pier Swanage Dean Cup  
  8th Private Boat    
  8th Charter boat    
  18th Shore Hamworthy park 7pm 11pm
  22nd Private Boat    
  25th Shore Solent meads 7pm 11pm
Nov 4th Pier Swanage 6-30pm 11pm
  5th Private Boat    
  8th Shore Baiter 7pm 11pm
  12th Charter boat    
  13th Pier Boscombe 6-30pm 11pm
  19th Private Boat    
  21st Shore Holes Bay 7pm 11pm
Dec 1,2,3 Minehead    
  6th Shore Evening hill 7pm 11pm
  10th Private Boat    
  10th Charter boat    
  13th Pier Boscombe 6-30pm 11pm
  17th Shore Baiter 8-30am 12-30pm
  27th Private Boat    

The origins of the Club can be traced back to the old Poole Speedway Club. In 1951 Members of the Poole Speedway Club who were interested in any type of fishing formed the original Poole & District Fishing Club. By the beginning of 1952, the coarse anglers and the sea anglers mutually decided to that their objectives were not entirely compatible and so the two factions decided to split and start their own clubs. The coarse anglers eventually became the Wimborne Angling Society and the sea anglers formed our own Club, the Poole Dolphins S.A.C.

In the early years membership was limited to 50 and all the fishing was confined to the Harbour & Poole Bay, but as more boats became available and transport easier, the fishing areas were extended to Southsea Pier and to Beer Head. Many a good match was fished in the Southsea Area against our old rivals the Gosport Club.

For many years one of the favourite fishing venues of the Club was the old dredging barge moored off of New Quay. This held up to 25 anglers and was used every Sunday from 10am through to 4pm catching Plaice and Flounders in great numbers.

Over the years the Club has run numerous Festivals in aid of various local charities , most notable being the R.N.L.I Open Boat Competition which we organised for over 17 years with an average of 30 charter boats per year. The Club also participated in and ran the Wessex Open for over 13 years.

Another great favourite of local anglers was the Clubs Annual Xmas Fayre which had been going for close on 30 years with entries varying from as low as 65 to as high as 467. Top prize for that year was a very smart £5000 boat and anglers came from far and wide to chance their luck.

We have participated in the formation of various local angling associations and we are leading members of the Poole and District Sea Angling Association. 

These days the Club fishes charter boats, Shore fishing, Pier fishing and Small boat.

On Sundays we fish Charter boat with Phil Higgins on Misstress Linda and on a Monday evening with another good friend of the Club Andy Adams on his boat Random Harvest,.During the week and weekends we fish Swanage pier, shore,and small boat... 

The Committee sincerely hopes that you enjoy your membership of the Club and trust you will participate in as many Club events as possible.

Good fishing and tight lines!




Jan 2021 Fish of months only.



The Club thanks the trustees of the pier for allowing us to fish all year round with about 20 odd matches, catches including all rays,bass,wrasse,conger,garfish, bream to name a few.