Fixtures for 2018

Jan         3rd         Wed       Holes Bay            6.30pm 10.30pm

               7th         Sun         Charter Boat                    

               10th       Wed       Swanage pier     6.30pm 10.30pm

               14th       Sun         Private Boat                     

               17th       Wed       Holly bush           6.30pm 10.30pm

               27th       Sat         Shore road          6.30pm 11.00pm

               28th      Sun         Private Boat                     

               31st       Wed       Holly bush    6.30pm 10.30pm


Feb         4th         Sun         Charter Boat                    

               7th         Wed       Swanage pier     6.30pm 10.30pm

               11th      Sun         Private Boat                     

               14th       Wed       Evening hill         6.30pm 10.30pm

               18th       Sun         Private Boat                     

               23rd       Fri           Swanage pier     6.30pm 11.00pm

               28th      Wed       Shore road          6.30pm 10.30pm


Mar        7th         Wed       Branksome chine             6.30pm 10.30pm

               11th      Sun         Private Boat                     

               17th       Sat         Swanage pier (cancelled)     6.30pm     11.00pm

               21st       Wed       Midway path      6.30pm 10.30pm

               25th       Sun         Charter Boat                    

               28th      Wed       Shore road          6.30pm 10.30pm


Apr         6th         Fri           Swanage pier     6.30pm 11.00pm

               13th       Fri           Shore road          6.30pm 10.30pm

               15th       Sun         Private Boat                     

               20th       Fri           Branksome chine             6.30pm 11.00pm

               27th       Fri           Swanage pier     6.30pm 11.00pm

               29th       Sun         Charter Boat                    

               29th       Sun         Private Boat                     

               30th       Mon       Evening Boat                    


May       4th         Fri           Swanage pier     6.30pm 11.00pm

               13th       Sun         West bexington 10.30am              17.00pm

               13th       Sun         Private Boat                     

               14th       Mon       Evening Boat                    

               20th       Sun         Charter boat                    

               25th       Fri           Swanage pier     6.30pm 11.00pm

               27th       Sun         Private Boat                     

               28th      Mon       Evening Boat                    


Jun         2rd         Sat         Shell bay              5.00pm 10.00pm

               8th         Fri           Swanage pier     6.30pm 11.00pm

               10th       Sun         Private Boat                     

               11th      Mon       Evening Boat                    

               13th       Wed       Swanage east     6.30pm 10.30pm

               22nd      Fri           Steamer point    7.00pm 11.00pm

               24th       Sun         Charter Boat                    

               24th       Sun         Private Boat                     

               25th       Mon       Evening Boat                    

               26th       Tue        Private Boat                     


Jul          6th         Fri           Swanage pier     6.30pm 11.00pm

               8th         Sun         Private Boat                     

               9th         Mon       Evening Boat                    

               10th       Tue        Private Boat                     

               13th       Fri           Solent meads     7.00pm 11.00pm

               23rd       Mon       Evening Boat                    

               25th      Wed       Private Boat                     

               29th       Sun         Charter Boat                    

               29th       Sun         Private Boat                     


Aug        1st          Wed       Swanage pier     6.30pm 10.30pm

               7th         Tue        Private Boat                     

               11th       Sat         Chesil cove         5.00pm 10.00pm

               12th      Sun         Private Boat                     

               13th       Mon       Evening Boat                    

               21th       Tue        Private Boat                     

               26th       Sun         Private Boat                     

               26th       Sun         Charter Boat                    

               27th       Mon       Evening Boat                    


Sep         1st          Sat         Swanage pier     6.30pm 11.00pm

               8th         Sat         Avon beach         6.30pm 11.00pm

               9th         Sun         Private Boat                     

               10th       Mon       Evening boat                    

               16th       Sun         Charter Boat                    

               21st       Fri           Warren edge      6.30pm 11.00pm

               23th       Sun         Private Boat                     

               29th       Sat         Swanage pier     6.30pm 11.00pm


Oct         5th         Fri           Swanage pier     6.30pm 11.00pm

               6th         Sat         Dean Cup            (Swanage Pier)  

               7th         Sun         Private Boat                     

               14th       Sun         Charter Boat                    

               19th       Fri           Solent meads               11.00pm

               26th       Fri           Shore road          6.30pm 11.00pm

               28th       Sun         Private Boat                     


Nov        9th         Fri           Lake pier              6.30pm 11.00pm

               11th      Sun         Private Boat                     

               16th       Fri           Swanage pier     6.30pm 11.00pm

               18th       Sun         Charter Boat                    

               21st       Wed       Boscombe pier   6.30pm 10.30pm

               23rd       Fri           Holes Bay            6.30pm 11.00pm

               25th       Sun         Private Boat                     


               30/.1./2               Minehead                                         


Dec        7th         Fri           Swanage pier     6.30pm 11.00PM

               9th         Sun         Private Boat                     

               9th         Sun         Charter Boat                    

               12th       Wed       Baiter    6.30pm 11.00PM

               16th       Sun         Private Boat                     

               30th       Sun         Private Boat                     


General Rules

The Club shall be called “The Poole Dolphins Sea Angling Club”.

The object of the Club shall be to foster sea angling in every aspect and to arrange competitions.

The Club shall consist of Honorary, Ordinary and Junior members. Membership is by invitation only.

The management of the Club shall be vested in a President, Vice-President and Committee comprising of a Chairman, Vice Chairman, Honorary Secretary, Honorary Treasurer, Honorary Beach Captain, Honorary Fish Recorder, Honorary Boat Commodore, Honorary Press Secretary and a number of ordinary members as deemed necessary.

The members at the Annual General Meeting shall elect the Officers and Committee members. Only FULLY PAID UP members shall be eligible to vote. The Chairman, Vice Chairman, Hon. Treasurer and the Hon. Secretary shall serve continuously for a period of three years.

The Committee has the power to appoint Officers and Members to fill vacancies throughout the year or co-opt members for special purposes.

Committee meetings shall be held monthly. Four members shall form a quorum. The Chairman shall have a casting vote.

Any member of the Committee who is absent from three consecutive meetings without giving a satisfactory explanation to the Secretary prior to the third meeting shall cease to be a member of the Committee. Using the list of Committee nominations drawn up at the previous A.G.M the Committee shall have the power to elect another member in his/her place.

The Treasurer shall produce at each Committee meeting a Statement of the Clubs accounts to date.

The Treasurer shall receive all monies on behalf of the Club and receipts shall be given for the same on all occasions. All expenditure from Club Funds shall be by authority of the Committee. All cheques drawn from the Bank must be signed by at least two of the following: the Chairman, the Secretary and the Treasurer. The Treasurer shall produce at the A.G.M an audited balance sheet made up to the 30th November each year.

The Annual Subscriptions and the Entrance fee for the next year shall be decided at the A.G.M immediately preceding. Members under 16 years of age shall be deemed Junior Members and will pay a reduced rate of subscription. Annual subscriptions shall become due on the 1st January each year (31 days grace for payment shall be given). Junior members do not have the right to vote at any meeting.

Rules can only be altered at the A.G.M or by convening an Extraordinary General Meeting.

An Extraordinary General Meeting may be convened at any time by the signed requisition of ten FULLY PAID-UP Club members. All members shall be given 14 days’ notice of any such meeting.

In the event of any Member violating the rules or behaving in any way that is derogatory to the interests of the Club, the Committee shall be convened and the defaulting member called upon to attend. An enquiry will be held in the absence of the member if he does not attend.

No Officer or Committee Member will serve on the Committee of any other affiliated Sea Angling Club.

A member must attend at least five (5) Club events before any fish caught freelancing will qualify for a club award. Miniature awards will only be presented with the Main trophies and at the discretion of the committee this may be extended to all trophies finances permitting.

The term FULLY PAID UP members shall be deemed to mean a member who has paid in full their subscription for the current year. It will not include Honorary Members or those given FREE memberships. Annual subscriptions will cover the period from 1st January to 331st December of the same year. Subscriptions received from new members prior to 1st November will cover the current year. Those received after the 1st November will be deemed to cover the following year with FREE membership being given for the remainder of the current year.

That the Club’s financial year for ALL purposes shall commence annually on the 1st December and shall terminate on the 30th November of the same year.

All stewards shall have the right to abandon or alter Club Competitions.         

Any fish entered for a Club Award will not be considered for an award                 if it is entered for another Clubs Awards.

Entry fee for the Angling trust Wessex Champion of Champions Competition for the Clubs Boat and Shore Champion will be paid for by the Club on a 50/50 basis

Angling Rules

Entry into any Club Competitions denotes acceptance of these rules and the decision of the Committee or any Steward of the competitions on any point that may arise is final.

All competitors must report to the Steward before leaving the match. All fish of all sizes are to be measured and witnessed by another member during the match (this applies to shore/pier matches only ).

The Stewards shall have the power to alter or abandon any competition and to ensure that boats leave for their destination at the authorised times. Fishing venues will be by majority decisions or by the skippers ruling inclement conditions.

Members must fish in accordance with the Club Rules governing the number and the use of rods. Those rules are as follows: -

Reefing         Anglers are allowed to fully make up 2 rods provided that only one rod is in the water at any one time.

Private Boats:        All Anglers are allowed to fish with two rods at the same time during Club Competitions three hooks maximum.OR Two Pennel rigs

Shore:/Pier   Two rods may be used but no more than three hooks to be used, anglers are allowed to have fully made up traces

A fish shall be disqualified if the competitor hooking that fish allows another person to play it. Assistance may be allowed to gaff or net and land a fish or remove a hook or hooks from fish.

Five Mackerel will be allowed in Shore Club competitions if caught on baited hooks or a single lure excluding feathers or similar multi hooked rigs and within rule 4.

Weight and particulars of any fish entered for a Club or Angling Trust Award (Beach or Boat) must be registered on a witnessed docket with the Fish Recorder or Club Officer (who will notify the Fish Recorder verbally) within seven days of capture. These awards will be open to any species of

  fish, which is at least 40% of the Angling Trust. Specimen weight.

No fish will be considered for listing as a Club Record unless it is at least 40% of the Angling Trust Specimen weight. Where there is no specific listing the Committee will consider the fish on merit using the National Record as a guideline.

Members are required, if fishing from any pier to observe that Pier Authority’s Rules.

Boundaries for angling on any organised trips are South Parade Pier Southsea to Beer Head or any other scheduled Club competition venue.

Members booking boat trips must be prepared to pay the full amount of any trip that they have committed themselves to and then have to cancel if the Boat Commodore is unable to find another angler to take their place. In exceptional circumstances the Committee can agree to subsidise the cost. A deposit is required from members booking their first trip. This deposit will be carried forward annually. On all Club Competitions, Digital scales must be used.

Points are awarded in each competition as follows:-                                                                                                                                                     

              1st place       10 points                     6th place          5 points                        

              2nd place     9 points                      7th place          4 points                     

              3rd place     8 points                     8th place          3 points

              4th place      7 points                       9th place         2 points                                              

              5th place      6 points                      10th place        1 point                                    

              If an angler does not succeed in catching any fish then one point will be awarded for   attendance.                                                        

               Where two or more contestants share equal weight, the points for the appropriate placings will be divided equally between them.                                                                                                       

Shore and Away Competitions will each have a champion, the total points from each section will decide the overall shore winner.

The Club Boat Champion shall have first choice of any Boat Competition to which the Club is invited to send a representative. Thereafter representatives will be nominated in order of merit

There will be no size limits on Charter Boats all fish below Angling Trust Size limits must be returned  

Members must not litter the area they are fishing or discharge any litter from the boats that they are fishing from; all litter must be taken home or disposed of in a litterbin. Any Member found not abiding by this rule will be disqualified from the competition and may be called in front of the committee.

Juniors will only score points in their own competition and not be included in the Senior Competitions. They will qualify for Trophies i.e. Bass, Conger, Ray etc.


Private Boat Rules

Competitions start and finish times will be 9am-4:30 BST and 9am-16:00 GMT. All boats must report to the report to the Steward within 1 hour of the end of the competition with their results, this can be by telephone or radio. Any boat fishing after the end of the competition must inform the Steward that they are doing so and report when they are safely ashore

Members must organise their own boats and fish with at least one other Club member, the Club accepts no responsibility for booking boats.Boats can be launched from within Club limits (Rule 10 Angling Rules).Any member fishing the Competition must notify the Club Steward for the day, before going out and report to the boat steward as per rule 1. Any member who fails to register before going out or fails to report to the boat steward after the competition has ended as per rule1.will be disqualified from the competition.

Results will be recorded by the Private Boat Steward or Deputy.

Each angler is allowed to fish with two rods or a total of three hooks during Club Competitions.Or two rods with a Pennel rig only on each rod. Both hooks to be attatched to the same bait. No other hooks to be used.( No Flyers )

Points for each competition will be awarded by the amount of fish points scored, 10 points being awarded for the most points recorded on the day reducing down to 1 point for the 10th One point will be awarded for attendance to those anglers who entered the Competition but did not catch any fish.

At the end of the year, points awarded for the Private Boat Competitions will be added to each angler’s total points to the Overall Club Competition. But only the best 15 results will count towards the Private Boat Champion.

Entry into any Private Boat Competition acknowledges acceptance of these rules.

For Private Boat Competitions, the First five (5) of the species caught by each participating angler will count for full points and thereafter one point only. A list of species and points is available.

All boats entering Club Private Boat Competition must have their boats inspected by the RNLI Sea Safety Scheme at least every 2 years and be able to provide the appropriate certificate of inspection.


Members are reminded that there will be an Official Club weigh-in on completion of each competition, except where the Club Competitions held in conjunction with an open fishing festival.

In such cases it will be the responsibility of the Club Fish Recorder to obtain a list of Club Members taking part and the agreed weight of fish caught by each member.

Fish caught while freelance fishing may be weighed in at the following locations up to 10:30pm. To save yourself a wasted trip we suggest that you call in advance to ensure that it is convenient and that the Club Official is at home.

Fish may also be weighed in at local tackle shops.

Chris Holloway 41 Clarendon Road, Broadstone

Or any Club Officer.

Don’t forget it is your responsibility to inform the Club Records Officer in writing of the details if you wish to enter the fish for any Club Award or Angling Trust Certificate. Remember that if your fish is weighed at any Angling Shop, the shop stamp and the signature of the proprietor must be on the document before it is handed to the Club Records Officer.

Remember also that the fish must be registered with the Records Officer or Club Officer within 7 days of capture if it is to be recorded towards the above.

All fish caught to qualify, weather caught in club competition or freelance. All fish to be witnessed by a club member.

Fished weighed at Sea on Digital Scales and returned will be able to qualify

For all Club Awards and Trophies on equal terms with fish weighed on Shore.

Safety Guide Lines for Angling


Always wear enough clothing to keep you warm and dry.

Be vigilant, a few minute checking your fishing area could save your life.

Beware of changing weather and Sea conditions, winds, tide, currents and temperature.

Watch Out for slippery and loose rocks.

Look for hidden danger such as mooring rings, ropes and spikes

Be careful if you are wearing waders – if they should fill with water then lie on your back with you feet together and paddle with your hands to the shore.

Always check around you before casting.

Avoid fishing by yourself and always tell someone where you are fishing and a time when you will be back.


If you are fishing from a licensed Charter Boat the Skipper should always make you aware of where life jackets etc are stored.

When fishing from a private boat make sure you know where all safety equipment is kept and wear a Life Jacket all times.

Always check the local weather forecast before setting out. If in Doubt Don’t Go

Check the High And Low Water Tide times.

Wear adequate warm and waterproof clothing. It is best to wear several layers of clothing to keep warm, which you can remove if you are too warm.










Maximum Points

Highest total points scored by an angler in all club competitions in one year.

Shore champion


Home Shore


Total number of points scored in Home shore and Away shore.


Highest total points scored in the shore competitions within the boundaries of the Bough of Poole 

Away Shore


R/Up shore trophy 

Highest total points scored in the shore competition outside the boundaries of the Bough of Poole 


Private Boat Champion

Highest total points scored in the small boat competition.(Top 15 results to count).

     “       “         “     R/U

2nd “     “         “         “         “          “     “             “

Senior Pier competition

Highest total points scored in the pier competition

Top Junior

Highest total points scored by a junior in all club competitions.

Junior Boat

Highest total points scored by a junior in all boat competitions.

Junior Beach

Highest total points scored by a junior in all shore competitions.

Junior Pier

Highest total points scored by a junior in all pier competitions

Junior best specimen

Best specimen fish landed from club waters.

Top Ladies Cup

Highest total points scored by a Lady angler in all shore and boat   competitions

Ladies Shore

Highest total points scored by a Lady angler in all shore competitions

Reefing Cup

Highest total points scored in on the Charter boats

Reefing R/U

R/up as above 

Evening boat cup

Maximum number of points scored on the Evening boat cup

Wrecking Cup

Highest total points scored on the wreck competitions

Best Specimen

Best specimen fish landed from club waters.

Small Boat Specimen

Best specimen fish caught during a club small boat competition.

Best Unclassified

Best fish which does not have a Angling Trust specimen weight. Measured against Wessex Record.

Heaviest Fish

Heaviest fish recorded in the year.

Conger Cup

Heaviest Conger recorded in the year.

Bass Cup

Heaviest Bass recorded in the year.

Silver Eel Bowl

Heaviest Silver Eel recorded in the year.

Tope Cup

Heaviest Tope recorded in the year. Fish to be weighrd at sea and returned

Flounder Shield

Heaviest Flounder recorded in the year.

Bream Cup

Heaviest Bream recorded in the year.

Plaice Cup

Heaviest Plaice recorded in the year.

Skate/Ray Tray

Heaviest Ray recorded in the year.

Conservation Cup

Lure Cup

Mullet Cup

Best Specimen weighed and released whilst on a boat

Any caught on a lure

Best Specimen caught during the year boat or shore

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Upcoming Events

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