The Club thanks the trustees of the pier for allowing us to fish all year round with about 20 odd matches, catches including all rays,bass,wrasse,conger,garfish, bream to name a few.

On Friday 7th May we held a club pier competition at Swanage.The night was dry with a variable wind ,in force and direction but I think all enjoyed even if the fish were a bit scarce.Brian Read 232 cm,Nathan Large 62cm,Tony Partridge 57cm,Pete Large 45cm, Chris Holloway 31cm and Phil Thomas 23cm.Oscar Large 15cm junior,all others were fishless.Fish caught were Wrasse,Dogfish and Pouting.

23rd April 2021 Finally we had our first pier match of 2021.It was a nice sunny evening with a brisk wind and good sea swell.It was steady fishing with a good variety,plaice,pollock,pout,bass,conger ballad wrasse,cork wing wrasse ,bullheads,goby,and three breaded rocking.Pete large won the seniors and Oscar large won the juniors.Well done to Oscar for catching a 47cm bass