Captain: Chris Mackenzie

 Swanage Pier,July. Lovely summers evening for this club competition. Light breeze,no rain forecast. Lots of fish came in.Wrasse and Blennies,close in to the pier piles in the sun. Mackerel baits fished further out not getting much attention.No show for the mackerel and garfish.As the sun went down the mackerel baits started to attract attention.A nice Undulate Ray for Phil off the lower deck,while Dave on the other side had a nice Bass.A mixture of smaller Rays,Plaice,Pollock,Wrasse,Pout,and Conger were spread amongst the other anglers.It was nice to see two juniors fishing and catching fish.In all a nice evening,lots of banter and lots of fish. What more could you want. 


Swanage Pier Match. May 20th. Sunny evening forecast for this comp with SW breeze. Lots of small fish around close in to the pier during day light hours ,but our hopes of bigger fish coming on the feed when the sun went down were dashed. Only a couple of Pout and two Doggies. Every one enjoyed the evening as we usually do when visiting Swanage Pier. Result. 1st Brian Read. 2nd Phil Thomas. 3rd Tony Partridge. Oscar Large weighed in for junior 1st place. Well done .


Swanage pier match 26th. 4. was a bit windy,fishing was a bit hit and miss and no fish and chips,SORRY about caught were wrasse, bass, pollock,pout,dogfish,and conger.Chris mackenzie was 1st,tony partridge 2nd,dick damon was 3rd.Curtis driver was 1st junior followed by a close 2nd young Oscar large , well done to him.I promise i will get the fish and chips next time


Hi all we had our 2nd pier match fri 17th weather not to bad at all southerly light wind, not as much fish as our last comp congers,dogs and pouts that's why they call it fishing not catching. Anyway 1st was Phil Thomas, 2nd Richard Cailes   3rd Nathan Large, well done lads. Juniors 1st Curtis Diver,2nd Oscar Large, for the ladies Bobi Francis won.  Chris Mackenzie. Had  about 9 cod , sausages,pies ,curry sauces, and a lot of chips, thanks from all of us for going to the chip shop. All in total we had a good  turn out 18 + 1 guest thanks all.

Hi All, we had a Pier Comp at Swanage on Friday evening 7/10/16. The weather was overcast with a chilly east wind blowing straight into the pier. Members fished around the pier on different levels and produced a good variety of species. Paul Driver won on the night totalling 183cm with Wrasse, Pout, Mackerel, Garfish and Conger Eel. Second was Shane Munford with 139cm and Third Phillip Walmsley with 125cm. Top Junior on the night was Finlay Nunn with 52cm Second was Curtis Driver with 22cm. Curtis lost a nice Undulate Ray on the surface in the swell with small hooks and Paul Driver lost a sizable Undulate Ray as other members tried to help land it the hook straightened. The East wind took its toll as the fishing was a little slow at times, The Wrasse and Garfish which have been plentiful were quite elusive. There were a couple of nice Bass caught the largest of 47cm to James Hills. Other species caught Silver Eel, Goby, Blenny, Corkwing Wrasse, Goldsinney and Pollock. Everyone enjoyed the nights fishing and a Big thankyou to Chris Mackenzie who gives up his fishing time to go and get the fish and chips for everyone, which he has done at every Swanage Pier Match.


Reminder from Chris Mackenzie we have a Away Shore Comp at Southbourne on Wednesday 12/10/16 fishing 7pm til 11pm. 

Hi All, We had an evening Pier Comp at Swanage on Wednesday 31/08/16. Members fished around the pier and on different levels. A big welcome to new members Shane Munford, James Hills and the Nunn family. The night was reasonably mild but overcast with a breeze blowing. Well done to Shane Munford who won on the night blitzing the small Wrasse, Pout, Smelt and Black bream for 477cm, Brian Read Second the 312cm and Phil Thomas Third with 192cm. Curtis Driver won the Junior Section with 148cm, Finlay Nunn Second with 93cm and Oli Nunn Third with 57cm. The nights catch was mainly made up of Ballen Wrasse with a variety of species including Corkwing Wrasse, Baillions Wrasse, Smelt, Pout, Black Bream, Pollock, Scad, Mackerel, Garfish, a couple of small Conger and an Undulate Ray of 10lb 8oz Caught by Dave Draper. Everyone caught on the night and Juniors were very enthusiastic with the fish they caught. Many thanks to Chris Mackenzie for getting the fish and chips which everyone enjoyed.



Hi All, We had a Pier Comp at Swanage on Wednesday night 20/07/16. The weather was fine and dry but a strong breeze which seemed to increase as the night went on and became quite chilly. Members fished around most of the pier and on different levels. Small wrasse dominated the nights catch with a good mix of species along with a surprise flounder for Richard Cailes. Paul Driver won on the night with 283cm made up of all Wrasse. It was quite close for second with Phil Thomas edging it with 222cm. Brian Read third with 215cm and Tony Partridge forth with 214cm. Curtis Driver won the Junior Section with an impressive 268cm made up of Wrasse and a Pollock, He caught a sizable Ballen Wrasse 33cm weighing 1lb 2oz. Other species on the night Gold Sinney Wrasse, Smelt, Black Bream, Plaice, a small Undulate Ray and a number of Pout when it got dark. Everyone caught and enjoyed the fish and chips thanks to Chris Mackenzie.



Hi All, We had a Pier comp at Swanage on Friday 17/6/16. Heavy rain hit Poole in the afternoon and a lot of local roads were flooded thankfully it was localised and the Pier Comp went on in dry weather with a chilly wind, A good number of members turned out despite the earlier rain. Well done to Tony Partridge who won on the night with 212cm, his catch was made up of a number of Ballen Wrasse, a Pout, a Cracking Undulate Ray of 9lb 7oz and a Spotted Ray of 3lb 9oz. Second Phil Thomas with 167 cm and Third Richard Cailes with 149cm. A few rays were caught on the night with Richard Cailes Catching a nice Spotted Ray and Brain Read a Blonde Ray of 3lb 9oz. A good range of species were caught off the pier Ballen Wrasse, Pout, Pollock. Black Bream, Bass, 3 Bearded Rockling, Scorpion fish, Blenny, Goby, Blonde Ray, Undulate Ray and Spotted Ray. A good nights fishing with lots of species, its nice to see a few rays being caught off the pier. Although a number of members tried on the float no Garfish or Mackerel were caught, which was a surprise as we are supposed to be in the middle of summer.


Hi All, We had a Pier Comp at Swanage on Friday 20/5/16. We had a good number of members turn out on what was a breezy night with light showers towards the end of the Match. Well done to Brian Read who won on the night with 235cm, his catch was made up of Garfish and a cracking Undulate Ray of 10lb. Richard Cailes also had an Undulate Ray which was smaller but not weighed, Richard Tied for Second place with Paul Driver on 191cm. Curtis Driver won the Junior Section with 52cm. The nights catch was made up mainly of Garfish, Wrasse and Pollock. After dark a few Dogfish, Pout and a Small Conger to a Guest around 3lb were caught. Everyone caught on the night with a good variety of species if a little slow at times, we didn't see any Bream caught which was a surprise and no Mackerel although there were plenty of Garfish. There was quite a bit of weed floating around and a lot of brown slimy stuff on the bottom to contend with. The odd hook was pinched off by spider crabs which take some pulling in when they are tangled in the line and are covered in weed. Thank you to Chris Mackenzie for getting the Fish and Chips very welcome on a windy night, enjoyed by all.


Hi all, We Had a Pier Comp on Swanage Pier Saturday night 16/04/16. The weather was clear and dry if a little chilly with the wind coming straight into the pier. A good number of members fished around the pier on the different levels. Fishing was a little slow at times but the attention of small wrasse kept it interesting although they were hard to hook. A good number of fish came in on the float and fishing on the bottom productive if the crabs could be avoided. Everyone caught on the night which was good. Paul Driver won on the night with a catch made up of Wrasse, Pollock, Pout and a 3 Bearded Rockling 8.5oz for 154cm. Dave Draper Second with 143cm, with a catch that included an unusual Dragonet and a nice Ballen Wrasse of 2lb 2oz. Third Phil Thomas with 100cm. Nick Clements also had a nice 3 Bearded Rockling 8.5oz. Other species caught on the night included Dogfish and a small Conger.Well done to Sophie Driver who won the Junior section with 110cm beating her brother Curtis Driver into Second place with 19cm. Sophie's catch included a nice Lesser Spotted Dogfish of 60cm and a small Conger Eel. A big thank you to Chris Mackenzie for his efforts in getting the fish and chips as all the chip shops surprisingly shut at 8.30pm on a Saturday night in Swanage at this time of year.Hi All we had a pier comp at Boscombe pier last night 14/12/12. We had a great night fishing with plenty of fish being caught by everyone. The wind was quite strong with drizzle at the start. The rain died out and the fishing got better and better as the tide came in, the fishing was quite frenetic at times with a fish a cast. Well done to Chris Mackenzie who won on the night with 764cm pulling lots of Whiting in with double and treble shots a regular occurrence. Alan Green came second pushing Chris all the way with a great night totalling 558cm. A number of Bass were coming in with the choppy surf between 35 and 42cm. Well done to Curtis Driver who won the Junior Section with 101cm. Other species caught pout and a large Dab. Well done for everyone who turned out on a windy night and enjoyed the fishing


Hi All, We had a match on Boscombe pier on Friday Evening 2/10/15. What promised to be a lovely evening fishing on the pier turned out to be very disappointing. The traffic getting down there on a Friday night across Bournemouth was hard work and something to think about when we look at next years pier matches. A warm sunny evening with no wind to speak of had a beautiful sunset that lit up the sky. Unfortunately the fishing on the bottom was near non-existent with Dave Draper catching a Dragonet and Phil Thomas a Scad. A person fishing for Squid at the side of the pier with a double squid gig and starlights managed to catch a ray around 5lb but not a lot else off the bottom. Boscombe pier fishing club were very good in having a member at the end of the pier to inform any of their members it had been booked out to us.Tony Partridge and Nigel Back were battling it out with the float with a great number of bites being missed. Tony had two Scad and a Mackerel and Nigel three Mackerel, The Mackerel were slightly bigger than the Scad which gave Nigel the win all very close. Well done to Nigel for winning the seniors and Curtis Driver for winning the juniors. When catching Mackerel from the boat they seem to be ready to jump on your hook but watching them on the surface they were rather inquisitive and very tentative nosing the baits and swimming past them quite readily. They seemed more intelligent than I had given them credit for in the past avoiding the hook. I can quite honestly say it was a struggle to catch a Mackerel. In total we had 6 Mackerel and 3 Scad between us. One of the Boscombe Pier Club members said he had been catching a number of Plaice over the last few weeks and reports of boat fishing in the area was producing good numbers of plaice. I don't think the numbers of Squid around helped attacking some of the baits and then letting go. Nick Clements had what looked to be something nice on and when it hit the surface at distance a white flash and then got off. The hook line was twisted up and the hook trace had been bitten through probably a Squid. The banter was always lively as I deputised for our shore captain and made it a hard fought contest come back Chris Mackenzie all is forgiven! . The next pier match is on the Tuesday 15th December at Boscombe Pier 6pm-10pm.

At present we fish the shore comps with a maximum of two rods, Three hooks and the pier comps with one rod at any one time and again three hooks max. After fishing the Dene cup on Swanage pier with two rods, Three hooks it would obviously be better to fish with a maximum of two rods off the pier and something to think about for next year. When fishing is hard and the ability to fish two rods should increase the catches and increase the enjoyment. I know this may lead to tangles and could be a safety issue but unless we start fishing the piers with three times the number of people than what we are now I cant see it being a problem. When targeting a number of fish like wrasse or whiting at any one time it might be better to fish with one rod, then that goes down to personal choice if we decide to fish with maximum two rods off the pier next year, something to think on and may be discuss and change at the AGM.

Regards Paul Driver.



All, Last Saturday 26th September 2015 the club entered a team for the Dene Cup fished on Swanage Pier. I was more than happy to make up the numbers for our team consisting of Nigel Back, Tony Partridge and Brian Read. It was a bright sunny day with lots of people enjoying the day out which made parking a struggle. We eventually got sorted and registered for the match. Having not experienced fishing the match before the 4 different zones each team member would fish in was a little odd as the best of the fishing was on the top of the pier and only half a dozen people fishing it was a bit of a waste, Any way it was better than last year as it was I bit of a free for all with no zones which packed out the far end. So we each picked a ticket to see who fished each zone.Nigel Picked top spot to the top of the pier and although the early tactics of fishing for Bass didn't produce and a number of garfish were caught around the pier Nigel went over to float tactics and caught a number of garfish finishing over 6m. Brian picked the lower tier and choose to fish on the inside of the pier which was quite slow, unfortunately the tactics of using a light line hook trace in the dark to pick up bites worked but the eels and small congers that were about bit through the trace. Tony picked the inside of the pier along the main walk way somewhere you would probably walk past rather than fish but tony made the best of it catching wrasse and garfish in the day light and a nice eel in the dark. Tony was really pleased at catching something this year as it was a vast improvement on nothing last year. I picked the walk way to the outside and fished across from Tony. The numbers of larger wrasse were not there and only small wrasse were biting close in but I did manage a number of different species and with 10 bonus points per species everyone was welcome. The match allowed for two rods and three hooks so I could fish a float at the same time. A number of garfish and a couple of mackerel gave me a total of 555 winning my section. I had nothing after dark as only one eel came from my section in the dark. As a team we finished a creditable Third with over 16m. Swanage Angling Club won the match with only 3 in the team with a total of over 21m. One chap blitz the garfish on the float and wrasse on the ledger, on the bottom tier on the outside with over 12m. The longest round fish was won with a conger of 73cm and a decent Brill was caught on the top tier to claim the flat fish pool. I was hoping to bring you the exact scores but am still waiting an email with the official scores. It was a great afternoon evening fishing which went really quickly being kept busy with two rods. It was interesting to see what was catching and what wasn't with different rigs, baits and distance cast. With a bit more notice i'm sure we could put in a few teams for this annual event. A well organised and well catered for event with Swanage Angling Club providing tea and coffee and a few hot sausage rolls while we waited for the scores to be added up. All the profits went to Swanage Pier and a big thank you and well done to Swanage Angling Club for organising the event.

Reminder for tomorrow evening Friday 2nd October we have a pier comp on Boscombe Pier 6pm til 10pm. A fine evening is forecast with little or no wind should be a good night. Chris Mackenzie is away on holiday so I have the key for the pier. The pier should be open before the match but if the gate is locked please give me a call Tel. 07980 365 628 regards Paul Driver.


Reminder for tomorrow evening Friday 2nd October we have a pier comp on Boscombe Pier 6pm til 10pm. A fine evening is forecast with little or no wind should be a good night. Chris Mackenzie is away on holiday so I have the key for the pier. The pier should be open before the match but if the gate is locked please give me a call Tel. 07980 365 628 regards Paul Driver.


Hi All, We had a pier match at Swanage last night Saturday 19th August 2015. The weather was fine and clear and gave us a lovely sunset across the bay, it was quite mild until the sun went down and went off rather chilly. Everyone caught which was good but the numbers of fish caught were less than previous competitions. The on set of Autumn and the colder nights have had an effect on the species being caught as we didn't catch hardly any wrasse compared with the last match just a few weeks ago when they were in abundance. We did manage 12 species which was excellent on the night with Phil Thomas bagging a chunky Red Mullet, Curtis Driver a good sized Tub Gurnard and Chris Mackenzie an unusual Dragonet. Paul Driver Won on the night with 297cm which included a Pout and an Eel at the death with a mixed bag of fish from the float and ledger just pipping Nigel Back 281cm who did well on the bottom tier with the float Catching Pollack and a Bass and a nice Conger of 71cm. Phil Thomas finished third with 207cm he started really well catching fish after fish on the float on the end of the pier and was always going to be hard to catch. Curtis Driver Won the Junior section with 231cm mainly on the float. Float fishing worked really well during daylight and came to a holt as darkness fell. A few Mackerel and Garfish were being caught and talking to other anglers on the pier they had caught 20 Garfish during the afternoon and reports of a Trigger fish of 2lb 8oz being caught during the week. The number of Eels being caught after dark was surprising taking all manner of different baits along with the greedy Pout. Paul Driver lost a nice conger as it started spinning on the top of the water on the way in estimated to be about 3lb. David Draper was the Luckiest man on the night after a seagull swooped on the end of the pier and caught his line. The rod and reel were sent crashing into the sea, the gull entangled in the line swiftly started swimming towards open sea. Surprisingly the rod and reel kept floating as they were being towed around. Frantic searches for a boat in operation were no good as lots of boats had already passed and moored up as dusk swiftly approached. While Dave was saying goodbye to £200 worth of kit Phil Thomas saved the day as he managed to cast over the rod at quite a distance and retrieve the entangled line as the gull freed itself and flew off. Well done Phil im sure lucky Dave owes you a pint or two. The one disappointing thing of the night was the local Fishing boat that dropped a gill net right across the deep water channel, right on dusk at an angle covering some 100m. I know its supposed to be legal and everyone has to make a living but this has happened the last two matches now and it is within casting distance. They may well cast the nets every night there for all I know that's why we were catching mostly eels in darkness as they were the only ones getting through the gill nets. Its really disappointing when your trying your hardest to catch in a competition and someone throws a net out in front of you. Its like trying to play snooker with no balls! ah well at least all our catch go back for another day and when there is nothing left for the gill nets what will the poor fishermen do then. Thanks to Chris Mackenzie for getting the fish and chips he does an excellent job and has done every match on Swanage pier this year. The next pier match is on Friday 2nd October at Boscombe Pier Fishing 6pm til 10pm, Chris Mackenzie will be on holiday for this match and he has as me to deputise for night. Regards Paul Driver


Hi All, We had a pier competition at Swanage Pier on Saturday night 15th August 2015. A good turn out on the night considering a few regulars were on holiday, we had a new member and a guest with his son attend which was good. Top of the seniors on the night was Paul Driver using small hooks close in totalling 610cm, Curtis Driver won the Junior section totalling 290cm. Everyone caught on the night with lots of fish being caught and an impressive total of 13 different species, it was nice to catch a few Mackerel off the pier with no one happier than Dave Reeves. Welcome back to the club to Pete Large who came a creditable third on the night. Thanks to RNLI for the entertaining music they supplied at their charity event on the hill and even the weather played ball on what started out as an overcast night with rain in the air kept dry with the wind dropping all the time down to nothing. Species caught Ballen Wrasse, Bass, Smelt, Garfish, Mackerel, Bream, Pollock, Pout, Scad, Silver Eel, Blenny, Rock Cook and Scorpion Fish. This was the best pier match we have had at Swanage this year with the number of fish and variety of species being caught. Thanks to Chris Mackenzie for getting the fish and chips they seem to taste better on the end of the pier for some reason. The next pier match at Swanage on the 12th September has been cancelled and re-arranged for the following week Saturday 19th September 2015.



Hi All, Reminder from Chris Mackenzie that we have a Pier match at Swanage Pier this Saturday 15th August 2015 6pm til 10pm everyone welcome. Mackerel and Garfish are being caught with a float off the pier and plenty of Wrasse should make it a fun evening. The forecast is good with very light westerly winds forecast. 


Hi All We had a great pier comp at Swanage Pier Last Wednesday night 15th July. Lots of fish being caught around the different levels of the pier and a good variety of species. We had a good turn out of members for a Wednesday night and nearly all caught. Well done to Tony South for coming top in the seniors with 307 cm and well done to Curtis Driver for coming top in the junior section with 328cm. Tony caught a number of mackerel and smelt on the lower tier using fine float tactics and ground baiting. Curtis fished close to the pier with small hooks to catch mainly wrasse with a few smelt , blennys and a red mullet 2.5oz. John Manser caught a nice silver eel of 1lb 5oz. Other species caught Bream and pout, But no Garfish or Pollock even though it was very calm for float fishing. A large number of Barrel Jelly Fish created quite a sight as they passed by the pier in the tide. We are lucky to have such a lovely fishing venue open to us as a club to fish. The easy access and convenient parking makes it very accommodating for most members to fish. The evening was very mild with little wind and made even better with the fish and chips. Thanks to Chris Mackenzie for getting them they were good again. The Next Pier match is at Swanage Pier on Sat


One of the 3 piers we can fish, this one is Bournemouth Pier.Boscombe pier,Swanage Pier fishing at night is restricted to Members of Poole and District sea anging association. which we belong to.

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