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Shore Captain: Chris Mackenzie   



Congratulations to everyone that fished the home shore match at Shore Road last night, great turn out with 14 members fishing and one guest 👍🏻 hope you enjoyed the evening Pete Dunning.

Fishing was slow to start with as there was little tidal movement and the wind was pushing from behind everyones right shoulder but was comfortable. As darkness fell the fish seemed to turn a little.

Only 4 species made the list 🦈🐟 including ; 5 bearded rockling, whiting, bass and flounder.

1st - Bobi Francis- 100cm - 10 points (F)
1st - Brian Read - 96cm - 10points
2nd - Iain Bickerstaff - 82cm- 9points
3rd - Fishane Munford - 73cm - 8points
4th- Peter Large - 71cm - 7points
5th - Colin Francis- 58cm - 6points
6th - Phil Walmsley - 45cm - 5points
7th - Steve Allen - 34cm - 4points
8th - Phil Thomas - 19cm - 3points

All other members that fished recieved 1 point 👌

Tight Lines all 🎣


Southbourne - 17th March 2018 - Away Shore

Well don e to everyone that fished the first away shore match of the year at Southbourne - (Warren Edge) last night between. Sea conditions were perfect 👌 with little to no swell and only a small amount of snow from 9pm onwards.

Members fished to the 2 groins right of the bistro and although the mini beast from the east produced some snow as aforementioned, the NE winds dropped to around 18mph which was heavily sheltered by the cliff behind us.

The fish 🐟 were biting from the first cast until the last cast, with 98% of the catch list being made up of pin whiting, double shots in some cases, however Chris Mackenzie did manage a 5 bearded rockling. A couple fished a larger bait in hope for something a little more special a few big takes, but no Rays or Bass unfortunatkey.

1st - Iain Bickerstaff 335cm - 10 points
2nd - Fishane Munford 257cm- 9 points
3rd - Christopher Mackenzie 188cm - 8 points
4th - Phil Thomas - 184cm - 7 points
5th - Dan Woods - 19cm - 6 points

Shame we didnt have a few more members fish this one

Next shore match is on Wednesday 21st March at Midway Path (Sandbanks) fishing from 18:30 🙂

Tight Lines all 🎣



Congratulations to everyone that fished the Branksome Chine home shore match last night between 18:30 and 22:30. A total of 13 anglers braved the drizzle in this quiet transition from winter to Spring. ☃️⛅

The weather conditions were much improved from the last shore match with SW winds starting at 14mph and gusting up to 20mph. A few heavy intermittent showers kept everybody on thier toes 🌧🌧

The fish were biting as the tide turned, catches were made up of whiting, 5 bearded rockling, small bass and pouting.

1st - Iain Bickerstaff 113 cm - 10 points
2nd - Christopher Mackenzie 110cm- 9 points
3rd - Fishane Munford 97 cm - 8 points
4th - Tony South - 56 cm - 7 points
5th - Tony Partridge - 51 cm - 6 points
6th - Phil Thomas - 49 cm - 5 points
7th - Nigel Back - 39 cm - 4 points
8th - Dan Woods - 37 cm - 3 points
9th - Phil Walmsley - 36 cm - 2 points

Everyone else recieved one point 👍🏻

Great to get out im sure everyone would agree, concluding with a McDonalds 🍔🍟

Next home shore match is on Wednesday 21st March at Midway Path (Sandbanks) fishing from 18:30. Lets hope the summer species start making a show along our coastline 🙂

Please note due to maintenance work on Swanage pier the match scheduled for Saturday 17th March will not go ahead. This will be replaced with an away shore match at Warren edge (Southbourne) fishing from 19:00 - 23:00. A weather update will be posted later in the week.

Tight Lines all 🎣 - Shane Munford


Nice to see new faces on our club match Saturday at shore rd weather not to bad rain held off nice lot of fish caught , bass, whiting, ray, smothoud,pout,flounder, rockling.We took a chance fishing this comp on an ebb tide but the results show it was worth it. Well done all. 1st Dave Potts 257cm 2nd Iain Bickerstaff 233cm and3rd Paul Driver 213cm.
Don't forget we have a change of venue this week. (Wednesday 31st we are at the Holly bush 6.30-10.30 see you there.


Hi all we had a match at Baiter last night 14 fished on a very cold and frosty night, flounders and small bass were caught man of the night was Dick Damon ( uncle Albert ) with two flounders and a Bass well done 2nd Nigel Back, 3rd Pete Large. Thanks to all for a good turn out.


Hi all we had our beach match at baiter a bit low on numbers but we all caught,Colin managed to widdle out a small smooth hound anyway results are Phil 1st Nigel 2nd Colin 3rd thanks all for braving the thick sea mist see you all on the next one.

The match last night was well attended with two guests as well and the rest of the beach danglers fished a boat match, results to follow. Any way fishing was very hard the weed was very thick like Neptunes hair it was bad anyway we all caught and the weather was great , results Brian Read stormed ahead for 1st Nigel Back 2nd Nathan Large 3rd it was a very good match well done all the rest. Next match is 15/9/17 6.30 - 11pm Swanage pier thanks all.

we had a shore match on the was a hot summers evening .fishing was very slow to start with but came alive in the last hour.we had sole ,bass ,pout.and tub gurnard.phil thomas was 1st brian read 2nd dick damon 3rd

Results of shore match 12th .5 2017 at shore was fair but fishing was caught were conger,bass,and flounder.Tony partridge was 1st Phil thomas was 2nd Dave draper and Chris holloway were joint 3rd


Hi all our match was well attended last night at evening hill flat calm sea light rain not many fish but we still had winners 1st Colin Francis joint 2nd Brian Read and Steve Allen. Bobi Francis won ladies section. Well done all. Welcome to two more new members who joined last night hope you had a good time. Our next match is Friday 17th Feb at swanage pier 6.30-11pm and Chris Mack will get the fish and chips please bring change it makes it easier, Thanks all

Well what a great turnout last night with the weather like it was well done all, we had three new members join last night hope you had a good time and welcome to the club. Anyway back to fishing , we had small bass and flounders with Colin Francis coming 1st. 2nd was Christopher Mackenzie and Nigel Back 3rd. Bobi Francis came 1st in the ladies section ( she caught more fish than most of the lads ? ) next match 8th Feb evening hill 6.30-10.30pm. 


Hi All, We had a Home Shore Comp at Shore Road, Poole on Wednesday Evening 14/9/16. Fishing along the shore outside of the Harbour near to the Jazz Café. Hopes were high for a variety of fish including a few flatties. It was a lovely warm evening with lots people on the beach and quite a few swimmers. Members set up away from the busy areas to fish the last hour of daylight and on into the dark. Well done to Phil Thomas who had a cracking night pulling in fish after fish he totalled 341cm made up of small Bass and Smoothound. Second Phil Walmsley with 167cm and Third Chris Mackenzie with 90cm. Curtis Driver won the Junior Section with a Small Smoothound of 33cm. Most people struggled for a bite on the night with a few blanking. Small Bass and Smoothound were the only species caught which was disappointing as no Flatties not even a Pout showed up. A great night to be out fishing if only a few more fish showed up but that's fishing.



Hi All, Sorry for the delay, We had an Away Shore Comp at Kimmeridge on the 6/8/16. Members fished along the rocks just along from the boat slipway. The evening was overcast with a warm breeze blowing. Paul Driver won on the night with 242cm, a catch of all Ballen Wrasse. Dave Potts Second with 177cm and Chris Mackenzie Third with 93cm. Curtis Driver won the Junior Section with an excellent 212cm. The nights catch was dominated by Ballen Wrasse with the odd Cork wing Wrasse, a few Weever Fish, a few Bleenys and the odd Mackerel. Everyone caught on the night and enjoyed the annual club Barbeque. Big thanks to Chris Mackenzie and everone who helped with the Barbeque on the night.


Hi All, We had an Away Shore Comp on Tuesday 16/08/08 at Southbourne and Slolent Meads. Members fished along the beaches at different intervals. The weather was good with light winds and warm sunshine at the the start. Fishing was very slow with bites hard to come by. Weed was a problem at certain parts of the beach but not in others. Well done to Brian Read who won on the night with 98cm comprising of a number of Sole and a Bass. Paul Driver Second with 84cm and Tony Partridge third with 54cm, Curtis Driver won the Junior Section with 30cm a Small Eyed Ray. A hard nights fishing but with a good range of species caught Sole, Bass, Mackerel, Scad, Tope, Red Gurnard and a Small Eyed Ray.


Hi All we had an Away Shore Comp at Steamer Point on Saturday night 2/07/16. Members fished at different intervals along the beach with a good number of pleasure anglers all hoping for a decent Ray. The wind was quite strong at the start and stirred up the weed. High tide was 20.32 which was perfect for the ebb when most of the rays have been caught. The comp was a real struggle to get a bite let alone a fish. Paul Driver won on the night with 69cm the catch was made up of a Scad and a Green Eel right at the end of the match. Phil Walmsley second with 38 cm and Chris Mackenzie third with 29cm. The wind, the weed and the Trawler going up and down in front of us may have had something to do with it. Every year is different. last year there were lots of species and lots of fish being caught this year totally the opposite.

Hi All, We had an Away Shore Comp on Saturday Night 4/6/16 at Shell Bay, Studland. The Weather was as forecast very little wind and very mild. The first hour of the match was unfishable with tonnes of weed barrelling along in the strong spring tide. It wasn't until the tide slackened approaching high water you were able to hold bottom. A lovely evening with lots of boats running in and out of the harbour entrance and lots of barbeques being lit. The fishing was disappointing with most people only managing one fish during the match. Well done to Nick Clements who won the match with a cracking Smoothhound on worm measuring 97cm, Second was Paul Driver with a Wrasse of 35cm and Third was Chris Mackenzie with a Sole of 29cm. Curtis Driver Won the Junior Section with a Smoothhound of 77cm. The comp finished at 10pm to allow members to catch the Chain Ferry back to Sandbanks. A number of members stayed on after the comp and fished on in the dark when the fishing got quite a lot better. Martin Whittaker was unlucky not to catch in the comp but after the match landed a Small eyed Ray of 7lb 1oz and a potential new club record Undulate Ray of 12lb 2oz from the shore. A number of large Smoothhounds were caught in the dark all to Ragworm largest 7lb 8oz.. other species caught Plaice and Bream. Thanks to Chris Mackenzie for bringing and cooking on the Barbeque.


The next Shore Comp to look forward to is Shell Bay on Saturday 4/6/16 fishing 6pm til 10pm.


Hi All, We had a Away Shore Comp on Wednesday night 4/5/16 at Solent Meads. A good number of members spread out and fished along various sections of the beach with mixed fortunes. It was a cold night with a chilly breeze blowing from the South East but at least it wasn't raining. The Easterly wind and the cold could of been the reason for the patchy fishing. Well done to Dave Draper who won on the night with 136cm made up of 3 small plaice a rockling and a Smooth hound. Second was Brian Read with 98cm and Third was Richard Cailes with 90cm. The rest of the nights species caught were Sole, Bass, Whiting, and a Dab. Well done to everyone who turned out on a cold Wednesday night, the fishing could of been better. The number of pleasure anglers fishing along Southborne and Solent Meads was surprising for midweek which suggests the fishing has been good along here, if it wasn't for that Easterly blowing.




Hi All, We had a club away shore comp on Saturday night 23/04/16 at Steamer Point. What promised to be a good venue produced very little. Members fished a good portion of the beach but it only produced a few small whiting and pouting. The cold north wind may have something to do with it but at least it didn't rain. Phil Thomas won on the night with 50cm, Dave Potts Second 42cm and Nigel Back Third with 28cm. Curtis Driver won the Junior Section with 64cm.

The Next Shore Comp is on Wednesday 04/05/16 at Solent Meads fishing 7pm til 


The Next Comp is an away shore on Saturday 23/04/16 at Steamer Point

Hi All, Sorry for the delay in posting the result computer glich. We had a Home Shore Comp on Wednesday night 6/4/16 at Shore Road, Sandbanks. Well done to Dave Draper who won on the night with 123cm, Philip Walmsley 97cm Second and Chris Mackenzie Third with 86cm. Whiting were the main catch on the night with a few Bass and Rockling with the odd Poor Cod and Plaice.

Reminder we are now fishing this year a max of two rods with three hooks from the piers the same as the shore comps.All, We had a club home shore comp on Saturday night 26/03/16. On what was a very windy day with storm force winds hitting the coast line and threatening to cancel the comp, it turned out calm after the storm on the evening. Members fished along the beach in quite a lot of choppy surf at the start of the match, which looked ideal for Bass and quite a few were caught. Chris Mackenzie won on the night with a number of school Bass with a few whiting and a Poor Cod for 173cm, Phil Thomas Second and Brian Read Third. The Nights catch was dominated by school Bass. Well done to everyone who braved the weather to fish.

The next shore comp is on Wednesday 6/4/16 fishing 7pm til 11pm at Shore Road.

Hi All we had a home shore comp at Shore Road on Tuesday night 22/03/16. Members fished along the beach on what was a very calm night, no wind at all but a little chilly. Bites were hard to come by and rather slow which is not unusual at this time of year. Paul Driver won on the night with 74cm, Nigel Back second with 58cm and Brian Read third with 41cm. Species caught on the night were Flounder, Rockling and a very small Plaice. No whiting were caught which was a surprise.

The next shore comp is on Saturday 26/03/16 at Branksome chine 7pm til 11pm. The forecast is not good with strong winds from the south to south/west with rain.

The Presentation evening is not far away and anyone wishing to book a place for the buffet need to let me know at the latest by Saturday.


Hi All, message from Chris Mackenzie we have a home shore comp at Shore Road on Tuesday 22/03/16 Fishing 7pm til 11pm. Chris is away and will not be attending. A cold but dry night is forecast for Tuesday.

Hi All, We had a home shore comp at Branksome Chine 8/3/16. Well done to Tony Partridge who won with 100cm, Brian Read Second with 85cm and Dave Draper third with 46cm on a slow night. Species Caught Whiting and Rockling.


 Hi All message from Chris Mackenzie we have a shore comp at Branksome Chine tomorrow 8/3/18 fishing 7pm til 10pm. Take plenty of change for the car park £6.50 for 4 hours. Forecast is for south west wind with showers.


Hi All, We had a Home Shore comp on Wednesday 24/02/16 at Shore Road, Sandbanks. Members Fished along the shoreline on a very cold clear night with no wind for a change. The lack of any waves and the cold seemed to affect the fishing. Bites were hard to come by and very slow. Well done to Phil Thomas who won on the night with 121cm of Whiting and a Flounder. Dave Draper 2nd and Chris Mackenzie 3rd. The nights catch was made up of Whiting, Rockling and Flounder. Everyone caught on the night, which was good with 3rd to 8th place separated by only 19cm (one decent fish).

The next Shore Comp is at Branksome Chine on Tuesday 8th March fishing 7pm til 11pm.



Hi All, We had a Home Shore comp at The Holly Bush, Sandbanks on Saturday evening 20/2/16. Members fished a very windy comp rearranged from Shore Road because of the 40 mile gusts forecast. The wind at Shore Road on the night was pretty bad and although the wind was nearly into your face at The Holly Bush with rod tips bouncing around at least it was fishable. After turning up early in daylight to see where the mooring buoys were and picking a clear casting area to fish, things started to go wrong, the wind knocked the rods over despite being weighed down and cracking one of the tip rings. Not noticing on casting out things looked fine, it wasn't until I started to reel in the braid line was shredded and I lost the lot, Thankfully it wasn't with a fish on. Luckily I had a spare rod and on the first retrieve managed to pull the broken line in, Blinkin wind. I was hopeful of a few fish with fresh lug and rag fishing nearest the North Haven Yacht Club on an end peg, unfortunately I was on the wrong end blanking on the night. Well done to Phil Thomas who won on the night fishing the farthest peg with a catch of Flounders and Bass for 111cm. A good number of Flounders were caught on a slow night with a few small Bass and a surprise Whiting making up the nights catch. Second, third and forth places were separated by just 6cm and one tidy fish separated second to sixth place, a tight competition.


Reminder we have a Home Shore Comp planned for Wednesday 24/2/16 at Shore Road Fishing 7pm til 11pm. The forecast is for little or no wind from the North East but turning a lot colder.

Please can you let me know if you wish to book places at the Presentation night 2nd April 2016, it will soon be here.

i All, We had a Home Shore Comp at Shore Road 28/01/16. Well done to ever one who turned out to brave the elements on what was a very windy night after postponing the comp 24hrs because of the weather with hindsight it was better on Wednesday night. Members fished along the beach at low water with an incoming tide. Bites were a little slow with the wind rattling the rod tips making bite detection a problem. Nigel Back romped to victory on the night with an impress 277cm all Whiting. Dave Draper came second with 182cm with a catch of Whiting

, Bass and Smooth Hound. Second, Third and Forth places were only separated by one fish all very close. Whiting made up the majority of the nights catch with a few Bass and a Couple of Smooth Hound. The next Shore Comp is on Saturday 6/02/16 at the Holly Bush fishing 6pm to 10pm.



Hi All, We had a Home Shore comp at Holes Bay Friday 22/01/16. The forecast was right for once with rain most of the day dying out in the afternoon

to leave a dry night with next to no wind. Bites were hard to come by with baits coming back in practically untouched, A few crabs were taking the odd hook bait but very little else. Star on the night was junior Curtis Driver catching two Flounder and a Rockling for 93cm winning the Junior Section. Showing ever one how its done including his Dad who couldn't catch a cold fishing next to him. Brian Read won the senior section with a nice flounder of 38cm. A good number of members fished along the cycle path with very little coming in but a few fish were caught by independen

t anglers at either end of where we were fishing. Hard to put a finger on exactly why? using same bait, similar rigs and tactics, just being in the right place at the right time. Most unlucky angler on the night was Simon Holloway who stayed on after the comp to fish a little longer had his rod bent round after the end of the comp to land a cracking Flounder of 2lb 12oz. This would of won the senior section on the night but was 15minutes too late. Surprising when the tide had dropped and the water was running out. Just goes to show the fish are never far away shame the fish cant tell the time.


Next Home Shore Comp Wednesday 27/01/16 Shore Road 7pm to 11pm

Hi All, We have a Home Shore Comp at Holes Bay on Friday 22/01/16 fishing 7pm to 11pm. Rain is forecast for most of the day clearing in the afternoon with light westerly winds turning mild.

All We had a Home Shore Comp at Holes Bay 9/01/16. In what was torrential rain and a howling gale at the beginning of the comp this eased as the night went on. It took some considerable effort to nail the Bivvy down at the start and although the rain was coming through it at one point it was an essential bit of kit on a raw night to give a bit of protection from the elements. A couple of other clubs had the same idea to stage a comp at the same time, one other local club and one coming from Southampton. A large number of vehicles lined the sides of the roads with anglers all eager to get soaked we all must be Barking Mad. Quite a few people packed up early as the rain came back and the wind turned cold and had an icy chill to it. The showers stopped after 9pm and those who braved the weather could of stayed on longer as the sky cleared and stars came out. The level of water was high all night and we could of fished from 6pm til 12pm without any problem. Although the wind was whipping up some waves along the beach holding bottom was not a problem or seeing bites. Paul Driver won the match with two nice Flounders and losing one as the snood unclipped, 43cm and 39cm the larger weighing 2lb 8oz. Alan Green came a close second catching a rockling and a Large Flounder 44cm 2lb 9oz, with only one fish between it was very close. Well done to everyone who braved the weather for the first Home Shore Comp of 2016. The other clubs had a similar night with the odd flounder around 3lb and the odd Bass, Pollock and Rockling making up the nights catch. The average size of the Flounders did seem that bit bigger at Holes Bay compared to other venues we have fished. Hopefully the next match at Holes Bay on Friday 22/01/16 will have better whether, it cant be any worse!!! 


Hi All, We had a Shore Comp on Tuesday Morning 29/12/15 at Baiter Park. The forecast was for the odd shower with light winds which was totally wrong as it chucked it down at the start with heavy showers for the first hour and then a strong breeze picked up half way through the match. Brian Read had quite an exceptional red letter day catching 6 Flounders and losing 2 on the way in for a total of 225cm winning the match by a mile. He was definitely on a golden peg catching a couple of large Flounders one of 43cm and one of 45cm, the longer one did not have any roe or it would of been well over 2lb. Cutis Driver won the Junior section catching 2 Flounder one of 43cm full of roe weighing in at 2lb 5oz a Wessex Region Specimen of 100 percent. Well done to everyone who turned out for our last Home Shore Comp of the Year.


Hi All we had a home shore comp / xmas fayre on Sunday 13/12/15 at Baiter Park. The morning was overcast but dry with a chilly breeze at sunrise dying away and being more like a mild spring morning towards lunchtime. Well done to Tony South for winning the comp with a combined length of 140cm catching flounder on the float. Nick Clements is still out in front with a best of five totalling 47 points with Paul Driver on 46.5 and Chris Mackenzie on 45. All to fish for on the last home shore match on Tuesday 29th December 2015 at Baiter Park. The Time of the match has now changed to a day time comp. 8am til 12pm because of the tide time. Everyone enjoyed the roast dinner back at the Conservative club, Broadstone and the prizes given out afterwards. Many thanks everyone who organized the meal and prizes always a popular event.



A reminder that we have the last of this years Pier Comps on Boscombe Pier Tomorrow night 15/12/15 fishing 6pm til 10pm. The forecast is not good with rain and wind from the south. Chris Mackenzie has asked me to take the key for the gate if it is locked to let everyone on as he may be late. If the gate is locked on the night please give me a call.


Hi All, We had a Home shore comp at Shore Road on Tuesday night 8/12/15. We had a good match with everyone catching. The wind was quite strong at the start and whipped along the beach. Once the bivvy was firmly secured with a ton of sand it was fine. The wind was not a problem for fishing although a little chilly, the wind did ease during the comp and it was a clear dry night with lots of stars out. We had a good turn out for a chilly night and a surprising 8 species caught for this time of year. Nick Clements extended his lead in the home shore comp by winning with 181cm. He had a Blonde Ray first cast and a number of Whiting. Curtis Driver won the Junior Section with 78cm. The nights catch was mainly Whiting which were very skinny other species caught were Smooth Hound, Poor Cod, Pouting, Bass, Dabs and Sole.




Hi All, We had a home shore comp on Tuesday night 10/11/15. On the night hopes were high for a few fish with a steady on shore wind and high water at 19.50. A good turn out for a Tuesday night with easy access to fish and being local. The rain stayed away and the wind didn't cause too many problems. We had a little bit of weed on the lines but nothing too bad. Another disappointing night in the harbour flounder fishing with only two flounder caught and one small Bass. The fish just didn't seem to be their although reports of good flounder and checkers being caught recently. Well done to Allan Green for winning the comp on the night with the worm I gave him. That seems to have happened before I share my worm with someone and they win mmmm anyway well done to everyone who turned out on what was a hard nights fishing, or we could call it crab feeding. Its good to see plenty of people fishing hopefully we can keep the numbers up.


The Next Home Shore Comp is on Tuesday 8th December 2015 at he Holly Bush fishing 7pm to 10pm.



Hi All Reminder from Chris Mackenzie we have a shore comp at Evening Hill Tuesday night 7pm to 10pm 10/11/15. The weather is a blustery south-westerly with the odd shower.


On Saturday 14/11/15 we have a comp planned for Chesil Beach Ferrybridge 5pm to 10pm with the weather Permitting


All, We had a away shore comp at Solent Meads on Tuesday night 27/10/15. The Weather was pretty grotty during the day and stirred up all manner of different types of weed. There wasn't loads of it but enough to muck the rigs up as they were being tossed around like a washing machine in the swell. The further you cast out the more weed you picked up and the bits catching on the line in the surf dragged everything around. The forecast was for it to dry up from 6pm onwards and as we arrived it was calm and dry and we debated weather to leave the bivvy in the car, but im glad we didn't from 7 til 8pm we had fine drizzle that became more persistent and was not ideal fishing weather. Bites were hard to come by and the promise of Codling, Whiting and a decent Sole were never to appear. Chris Mackenzie won the match by 2cm with a last gasp sole which fitted inside the palm of his hand, some may say its skilful to catch one that small but others might say Jammy, lucky , flukey etc... Other fish caught Rockling, Pout and Poor Cod. Well done to everyone who braved the weather by the end of the match the clouds cleared and it started to settle down. It was a nice evening to fish after the rain cleared but the swell was still fierce and very little fish. One day we will hit it right and bag up, this time last year it was quite good with Codling and Sole. After catching Whiting here in the last match only two weeks ago you would think they were here now and would be caught readily, Maybe on a different night with different weather, different wind etc..



Last night 28/10/15 I had a wander down to Baiter Park to support a few of our members in the Wessex flounder league. After recently having a match at Baiter on Saturday night it was with great interest to see what was being caught, with what baits, what rigs and where. The tide was right up four to five feet on Saturday over lapping the banks towards the sluice gate. The wind was quite strong but rods held ok. the main problem was the weed stirred up and more on certain pegs than others. The wind was coming straight in towards Whitecliff park where a fair few fish came out. At the weigh in a line of people with buckets proved it had been a good night for numbers caught. 45 sizable Flounder were weighed in, The winner landing four on the night for over 4lb, second and third landing three each. A big well done to Luke Allen for getting third spot the second time he has finished in the top three in this years comp. The winner came from near to the powder house and third spot right on it but the peg in between didn't catch. Other species caught were Checker Bass, green eels and lots of crabs. Good to see all the fish going back to fight another day. Friday evening 30/10/15 is the second round of the Wessex Junior flounder League at Hamworthy Park fishing 7 til 10pm if any Juniors are interested lots of prizes on offer. Curtis Driver will be fishing it for the first time in the 8 - 13 age group. Details are available from local tackle shops.



Hi All we had a comp at Baiter Park last night Sat. 24/10/15. The weather was as forecast with rain and wind up until just before the match and clearing as the rain went through and the wind dropping, but still quite chilly. Members fished between the sluice gate and the powder house at Baiter Park. Nigel Back had a Flounder of 28cm early on in the match and was the only one with a fish for much of the match. Allan Green had a nice Flounder of 28cm towards the end of the match joining the lead. Paul Driver managed a Flounder with 20mins to go at 37cm 1lb 4oz that won the match. A few checkers were biting but none landed, a few fish were lost and not hooked up. The wind had dropped and with out much tide made the fishing very slow. A disappointing night for number of fish caught they just didn't seem to be there. Regards Paul DriverHi All , reminder that we have a shore comp at Baiter park this Saturday 24/10/15 fishing 6pm til 10pm. The weather forecast is for rain during the day and drying up for the evening with light westerly winds. A few nice flounders have been caught with a lot of checker Bass around.



On Tuesday 27th October 2015 we have an away shore match at Solent Meads fishing 7pm til 10pm. Hopefully a few Sole and Whiting around if it doesn't get too windy. If the forecast is poor it is worth checking with Chris Mackenzie before the match.


 All, After the last committee meeting it was decided to change the venue for the next shore comp. from Blue Lagoon on Saturday 24th October. The new Venue will be Baiter Park fishing from 6pm til 10pm Regards Paul Driver.

Hi All, we had a Shore Comp at Solent Meads on Saturday Night 10/10/15. Most people caught which was good but it was a bit slow and a bit of a struggle to get a bite. All the reports of numbers of fish being caught in the area had been good and very promising for a good nights fishing. Unfortunately the fish didn't quite see it like that a with a cool easterly breeze seemed to put them off. It had started to spit with rain as we set up but thankfully never came to anything. Well done to Dave Potts who raced into a lead and won the match with two plaice, two Bass and a whiting totalling 145cm, the bulk of the catch coming in the daylight. Nigel back came a close second on 130cm catching some nice Whiting the largest being 13oz. Curtis Driver won the Junior section with a last gasp Poor Cod at the death. The odd Bass, a few Sole and pout made up the rest of the catches on the night. The whole length of Southbourne seemed to be lit up with people fishing. Very popular at this time of year, you need to be down there early to get a spot for the evening. Hopefully the next match we have at Solent meads on the end of the month will produce a larger Sole like last year if the weather plays ball. Regards Paul Driver



Hi All Chris Mackenzie has asked me send out a reminder for this weekends shore comp. at Solent Meads Saturday 10th October 2015 from 6pm - 10pm. The forecast is dry with a light but chilly east wind. I fished here a couple of weeks ago and it was quite busy, so worth turning up a little earlier to bag a spot. It was fairly calm that night but again the east wind made the waves a little higher than you would want pulling on the line as each one broke. Putting the rod up high in the rod rest had some effect but still wasn't brilliant for seeing bites. I had 3 small sole and a large Pout and Curtis a couple of poor Cod, not fantastic but the sole are their if not big. Weed was not a problem but could be if the lines dragged in the surf. Last year we had a few nice Sole and a few Codling with the odd whiting being caught, reports of codling being caught along the Southbourne to Hengistbury head beaches again this year. High hopes for



Hi All Chris Mackenzie has asked me to let everyone know we have cancelled the next shore competition at Solent Meads on Saturday the 26th September 2015. As Chris is on holiday and a number of members fishing in the Dene Cup on the same night. This will not be rearranged as we have a pier match the following week and another match already planned for Solent Meads on Saturday the 10th of October from 6pm til 10pm.

In the next few weeks we will be looking at next years venues for shore competitions and reviewing how the venues have fished this year. If you have any thoughts of where would be a good venue with good access and at what time of year? with what tide? I would be interested to hear your views. Regards Paul Driver.


Hi All, We had a Shore comp at Kimmeridge on Saturday night, a good number of members turned out for a match that was a little out of the way but a fun night had by all. A rather nice barbecue was supplied by Chris Mackenzie with Venison herbie burgers and Richmond sausages along with potato salad and coleslaw, very nice it was too sat in the sunshine with stunning views of the bay, Big thankyou to Chris for all the effort put in. We didn't venture to far from the small boat slipway in search of a few fish but some tried the roving approach to bag a Bass which proved disappointing. Tony South won the Senior section on the night with an excellent 476cm of Wrasse and Curtis Driver won the Junior Section with 167cm of Wrasse and a Blenny. Tony hooked up with something large which was probably a Bass and got snagged up, Tony not wanting to lose a good fish promptly striped off and went into retrieve it. This was to the amusement of a large family group having a barbecue behind us, Unfortunately the fish got away but he made a few old ladies very happy when he got changed. The wind had picked up from what was forecast and was quite strong but the sun had stayed out and made it a warm evening. The Wrasse stopped feeding after dark and we tried larger baits without much success. Nick Clements had a Good size Lobster which went back and a few small edible crabs were caught on the night. Species caught mainly Wrasse with the odd Pout, Silver Eel, Bass, Pollock and Blenny. A Good nights fishing with entertainment worth another trip down there if its only to try and find Tony South's lost tackle. Regards Paul Driver.



next shore match is august 1st at 1700 to 2300.


 Hi All, Reminder from Chris Mackenzie we have a shore competition on Saturday night 1st August at Kimmeridge from 5pm until 11pm. Chris has offered to do a small barbecue before we start and intends to set up in the car park above the boat slipway near to the toilets. Please turn up early to get a sausage or burger. A warm evening with no rain forecast and light south westerly winds forecast. Regards Paul Driver.


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