Private boat Captain: Chris Holloway



1st Colin Francis 67.5pts

2nd Bobi Francis 47pts

3rd Chris Holloway 34.5pts

4th Mike Holloway 29pts

5th Phil Dawson 23.5pts

6th Adam Holloway / Pete Russell 12pts

7th Sheila Dawson 10pts

8th Iain Bickerstaff 8.5pts


Private Boat Comp
21 August 2018

It was a beautiful evening with a slight South Westerly breeze which dropped down as the evening went in. A perfect time for Boblin and Dolphin1 to fish the evening private boat competition.

Dolphin1 stayed in the harbour while Boblin took the decision to go out.
Fish caught were, bream, pout, wrasse, conger, smooth hound and an undulate.

1st Bobi Francis = 10 points
2nd Colin Francis = 9 points
3rd Chris Holloway = 8 points
Mike Holloway = 1 point



Well done to all that fished, It was a lovely warm evening with a warm breeze, drifting in poole harbour.
I would like to thank Chris Holloway for the invite to fish with himself and his son Mike Holloway I had a fantastic evening. To all the shore Fishermen you should give it a go and go on the boat that the shore captain Christopher Mackenzie organises,it will be an enjoyable experience, I'm hooked.

Results Private Boat

1st Chris Holloway

2nd Mike Holloway / Iain Bickerstaff

  Just a note to say the 26th May is the wrong date for the private boat comp it's the 29th May.

Private boat competition
8 July 2018

Blue sky and light winds were an encouraging start for the three boats heading out with six hopeful anglers on board.
Phil Dawson and Adam Holloway on Fish On, Chris and Mike Holloway on Dolphin 1 and Colin and Bobi Francis on Boblin 2.
All headed off in different directions, shoals of mackerel could be seen boiling on the surface, something we haven't seen for years, so plenty of fresh bait.
As normal dogs were in abundance, although a good selection of other species were caught too, Undulates and Thorn backs, Conger, Smooth Hounds, Bream, Plaice, Gurnard and a very nice 21lb 2oz Tope gave Colin a good runaround on light gear.

Colin Francis 1st =10 points
Bobi Francis 2nd=9 points
Mike Holloway 3rd=8 points
Phil Dawson 4th=6.5 points
Chris Holloway 4th=6.5 points
Adam Holloway 6th=5 points

Small boat Tuesday night

1st Sheila Dawson 10 points

2nd Phil Dawson. 9 points

3rd Mike Holloway. 1 point

4th Chris Holloway 1 point


Hi guys 4 boats out the weekend which was great fished in not bad conditions on a cold day,cod were the main target of most boats with only 1 reported being caught 13-8 no whiting caught which was a surprise.
Fishing was poor really as you can see by the points,still that's fishing.
The next comp is dec 6th we could well be fishing again in a cod comp if you want to andys thinking of running another 1 lets hope the weathers kind again.
Cheers Phil


Hi guys not a good day fog to start with wind due to freshen only 2 boats out it was hard work.The fog cleared by 10.30ish shot straight up the swash nik nak was already there they had 4 plaice they pushed of to his mark to try an get a couple of hours there before the wind got up,got nearly there and turn round the wind was already up.
We stuck it out till 1.30 and managed to find some nice plaice 1 of 2-1 then back in the harbour which was shite there must be thousands of checkers in the harbour there everywhere.there are loads in the marina i had 7 in 2 days last week biggest 5lb and lost a big 1,bass.
Martin beating nick plaice fishing bet that went down well losing your touch nick.
Cheers Phil


Aug 30th Hi guys
Fishing was crap in the harbour were 2 boats fished Dave went outside an won the comp and good luck to him,there was a nasty easterly blowing it cant have been nice out there.
There's a comp next sunday and a easterly still forecast if its about the same strength il leave it on.
Cheers Phil


 Hi all not a lot to report again,weather was kind at long last but only 2 boats fished.1 boat was outside 1 inside the harbour.
As you can see by the points not a lot was caught,well done dave for winkling out the most fish.
The next comp is this sunday lets hope the weathers good were on neaps we might see some fish come to the nets.
Cheers Phil

Aug 2nd

4 boats fished started off with not a lot ugf wind  later in the day wind got up again. nice mixture of fish caught a few rays plaice bream gurnards wrasse pout and a codling that mike holloway boated.

July 19th Hi guys boats fished today, mainly in  the harbour,20 plaice landed a few bream and gurnard.

There was a bit of s-w wind blowing and they opted to stay out of it the biggest plaice was netted by chris a good fish of 3-4,N.Cull will have his work cut out to beat that but he will be trying.

Cheers phil

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